Design of a sustainable building in Hanoi towards Expo Milano 2015

Hanoi, 2014

Redesign or recover an urban space, by creating an "urban farm" building, is the theme of Compasso Volante 2014 competition. The goal is to design a place - taking the form of a traditional farmhouse as a group of small or medium-size buildings and open spaces for residence, cultivation and production - where culture and food can be mixed, promoted and evolved, attracting there people of all ages.

The theme will focus on Vietnamese Rice Civilization and its typical characteristics related to agricultural life and production in Vietnam's countryside, and should be linked also to the subject of the 2015 Expo in Milan "Feed the Planet Energy for Life" and to Vietnamese Pavilion: a part of the building should create a direct connection with Expo- site in Milan, in a sort of multimedia-window of Italian events.


The jury

Chairman: Luisa Collina | Expo 2015 Rector's Delegate
Politecnico di Milano

Matteo Gatto | Expo Milano 2015

Manuela Grecchi | Buildings and Properties Rector's Delegate
Politecnico di Milano

Matteo Aimini | Dept. of Architecture and Urban Studies
Politecnico di Milano

Paolo Righetti | Laboratorio DAGAD President
Fabbrica del Vapore - Milano

The winners

First Prize

Second Prize



Federica Brunone
Andrea Nulli
Francesco Salvetti
Alessandra Crippa
Martina Capecchi
Giulia Fumagalli
Yuya Ino
Kazuki Tanaka
Satofumi Anzai
Nadia Coppola
Angelica Crisci
Filippo Lasta


Nadia Coppola, Angelica Crisci, Filippo Lasta | Daniele Esposito, Martina Bisceglia, Rosario Curto | Federica Brunone, Andrea Nulli, Francesco Salvetti | Alessandra Crippa, Martina Capecchi, Giulia Fumagalli | Yuya Ino, Kazuki Tanaka, Satofumi Anzai | Yu Amagai, Akito Ishida, Yu Kawada | Mei Sato, Kenji Arai, Yuki Yoshimoto | Cutrona Nicolò, Tripoli Laura, Tumminello Daniela | Bellomo Marco, Giannone Codiglione Elisa, Ingenio Paola, Messina Valeria | Altopiano Enrico, Dionisi Francesco, Errante Lavinia | CalÏ Emanuele, Lo Verde Marco, Ruggeri Gisella | Costantino Scirocco Marco, D'Anna Jennifer, Gennusa Antonella | Sim Zhe Yong, Jasmine Khoo Hian Mei, Ng Jing Hao Aloysius | Pan Jichang, Chiang Zhi Han Kenneth, Faraesha Binte Nasier | Heng Si Ying Joy, Ho Wei Ye Jude, Sze Jia Ying Athena | Lo Jia Yi, Koh Ting, Ho Cheng An | Loo Quan Le, John Tay Jo Han, Chung Er Pei

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